For those of you who have tried and loved our Deodorant in Patchouli Citrus this is the perfect companion to it. For those who just love patchouli...this is for you. Citrus is the perfect complimentary scent for earthy patchouli and makes it fun and refreshing to wear. We used lots of grapefruit, pink grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and lime for a sharp sparkling citrus and then grounded it with beloved and earthy patchouli.

Get our beloved Patchouli Citrus scent in Body Lotion, Bath Soap, & Deodorant!

Natural, organic jojoba oil in a glass bottle with secure metal screw top that fits nicely in a pocket or handbag for convenience. Our perfumes are made from essential oils, natural fragrance, extracts, absolutes and co2 extracts, nothing synthetic. The scents are strong and a dab on pulse points is all that is needed so your .35oz glass bottle will last for many months depending on usage.

Patchouli Citrus Perfume Oil

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