What I Love About Natural Fragrance

I love natural healthy perfume oils, I do. These little blessing were not always and option in the retail world and at best were hard to find, but now that they are abundant and varied we can all breath a little cleaner & greener. Natural perfume are everywhere and just as lovely as you please. We know that natural ingredients are better for us, our planet and loved ones but I wanted to discuss some other reasons for going Eco-friendly with your scented stuff.

One of the many benefits of natural perfumes over synthetic is that natural fragrances mingle with your own chemistry and become unique to the wearer. Its like having a custom perfume made just for you. While it may be that the Woodland Berry scent pictured here smells like summer fruit on your sister, it could smell more like the sweet forest pines on you. Natural essential oils and extracts also tend to change their song throughout the day. They start out sunny and crisp in the morning and by night they are sultry, earthy and sexy. Now your one of a kind perfume just got sweeter!

Once the switch is made form synthetic, toxic fragrances you will never want to go there again. Natural scents linger and delight while the chemically laden ones just over power and suffocate. Natural oils derived from plants and resins are not laden with carcinogens or as likely to be allergenic and irritating to sensitive types. Additionally naturally derived fragrances have much more depth of character and wholesomeness.

We love natural ingredients and abhor using synthetics at Rainwater Botanicals. Every product in our line save one is made with natural fragrance. We do use a tiny amount of synthetic phythate free coconut fragrance in our Virgin Coconut Dead Sea Salt Spray. ..I know, don't hate us. We caved a little on this one item as nature just doesn't provide the same scent. We will continue our search for a naturally derived alternative, promise.

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