Natural Hair Products

Zero Waste and Natural Hair Products

Anyone looking for zero-waste, natural hair products can find what they want from Rainwater Botanicals. Our wide range of products is designed specifically for people who want to eliminate all the harsh chemicals and mystery ingredients found in mass-produced health and beauty products.

Our goal is to provide product transparency and give individuals peace of mind knowing they are purchasing products they can feel safe using on themselves and their families. Natural skin products are essential for any beauty and skincare routine. The products found in chain stores usually have dangerous or mysterious ingredients that aren't great for the skin. The same applies to natural hair products- most big brands include ingredients that can dry out your scalp or even do long-term damage to your hair.

Our line of products specifically uses all-natural, ethically sourced products to provide effective results and to eliminate the need for unnecessarily harsh ingredients. Our goal is to help individuals get a cleaner, less wasteful quality product than you can find at the big box stores.

Take a look at Rainwater Botanicals’ natural hair products and natural skin products, and if you like what you see, give them a try. Our customers love how great they work and can feel confident they are getting an effective product without the environmentally harmful ingredients found in other store-bought products.